Founded in 2005, Legends Racing is a simulated racing team based in the United Kingdom, and race on

The team is primarily focussed on GT racing, with team members having raced in the  Gathering of Tweakers Endurance Series, NEO Endurance Series and Masters of Endurance series.  The team are also regular partcipants in the iRacing hosted Blancpain Sprint Series, Blancpain Endurance Series and the IMSA Sportscar Championships.


The team are, or at the very least, aim to be gentleman racers through and through, not taking themselves too seriously, but are serious about racing!  When all is said and done, the team race to have fun, and whilst aiming to place as well as possible, standing on the podium is not the primary motivation.

Camaraderie, and good clean racing are the dual tenets on which the Legends Racing team is built.