GES S2 R6 Monza

On the high speed circuit that is the Autodromo Nazionale Monza,  the interaction between the classes proved to be the main talking point.  Several of the Protoype field would incur rapped knuckles and a stop and hold penalty for avoidable contact with the slower classes, one such penalty spoiling what had been a promising start for the Legends team and what had been to that point a faultless drive from Adam, demoting them from fighting for 4th to recovering from 10th.

In the second half of the race Darren kept it clean, and dealt well with traffic and with the pressure from the recovering HAWK prototype.  Having recovered to 6th by the end of the race gave the team another solid points scoring result, but were left ruing a missed opportunity at the chance of their best finish of the season, particularly as NKH drew level on points after a deserved second place.

One small compensation was that the Legends duo once more led their class for the CleanX Award, having collected the least incident points in the race, and looking to be the likely recipients of the award at the close of the season.

Legends Podium in the iRacing Sebring 12-Hours

In the “lull” between rounds 5 and 6 of the Gathering of Tweakers Endurance Series (GES), the now regular Legends pairing of Darren and Adam set their sights on a strong performance in the Sebring 12-Hours, one of iRacing’s annual special events.

As usual with the special events with a large number of teams competing, race splits were determined by iRating, with grid positions set by qualifying time.  Having had a strong showing in qualifying,  the Legends Prototype lined up in 4th place on the grid in split 3, with the team looking for a strong performance and a podium finish.

Whilst successfully keeping out of trouble in the early part of the race, the team dropped a number of places, dealing their aspirations a blow, but as the field starting to spread out the fightback began, and Adam and Darren started chasing down the frontrunners, including some long-time rivals in the form of the vApex and Torque Freak entries.

Traffic, connection issues, accidents, and backmarkers all played their part in the remainder of the race, and whilst Adam and Darren kept out of trouble there were more than a couple of close calls!  As the race was drawing to a close, the team were running second, with Torque Freak Racing holding a small advantage.  Whilst it looked like the Legends duo might triumph, a momentary lapse on the penultimate lap left Torque Freak to take the win, with the Legends prototype a few seconds back.

Missing out in such a fashion was a disappointment, but the team can take great pride in their performance, and a thoroughly deserved second place.  They will look to carry their form through into the rest of the Gathering of Tweakers league races.